Teaching Resolutions

Teaching Resolutions to Young Children

As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time for child care teachers to explain New Year’s resolutions and goals to kids.  Teaching children to set achievable goals helps them be responsible and builds good habits from a young age.  Here are some quick tips on teaching resolutions to young children:

Keep it Simple: Start by explaining the idea of a New Year’s resolution in a way that’s easy for preschoolers to grasp. Use simple language and relate it to familiar concepts, such as setting goals for the year ahead, like learning something new or trying new foods.

Encourage Personal Goals: Help children understand the concept of personal goals by discussing what they enjoy and what they might want to achieve.  Encourage them to share a goal (such as learning to tie their shoes or sharing toys) with the group, such as during circle time.

Picture Fun: Create a visual representation of resolutions using pictures or drawings. Kids can draw or find pictures of things they want to do.  Have everyone put the pictures on a bulletin board or wall, etc.  It’s like a fun way to remind them of their goals every day.

Celebrate Achievements: Celebrate small victories throughout the year. Reinforce the positive aspects of goal-setting by acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of the preschoolers.   It can be as simple as a high five, a cheer, or a happy dance! This gives them sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence.

Read about Resolutions: Share engaging stories that illustrate the concept of setting goals and how setting goals can be exciting.  Some suggestions include:

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