Move Like a Penguin

When it’s too cold to go outside, why not get children moving inside with lots of fun penguin moves!  Here is a list of ways for children to move like a penguin.  Some ways to incorporate these penguin moves are:

Play a game of “Simon Says” with penguin-themed commands. For example, “Simon says waddle like a penguin” or “Simon says slide on the ice.”

Create a set of movement cards with different penguin-themed actions. Children can draw a card and perform the corresponding movement, such as waddling, sliding, or flapping their arms.

Make large dice with different penguin movements on each side. Children can take turns rolling the dice and performing the movement indicated.

  1. Flap your wings like a penguin.
  2. Spin around like a playful penguin.
  3. Huddle in a group like penguins keeping warm.
  4. Slide on your belly like a penguin on the ice.
  5. Shake off water like a penguin coming out of the ocean.
  6. Dive into the water like a penguin.
  7. Pretend you’re catching fish with your beak.
  8. Waddle in a circle.
  9. Stand tall and stretch your neck like a proud penguin.
  10. dive into the water like a penguin.
  11. Flap your wings rapidly.
  12. Waddle with giant steps.
  13. Hop on one foot like a hopping penguin.
  14. Jump and dive into the ‘icy’ water.
  15. Balance on one leg like a penguin resting.
  16. Pretend to be a fluffy penguin chick learning to walk.
  17. Form a line and march together like a parade of penguins.
  18. Hop from one ‘iceberg’ to another.
  19. Walk in slow motion like a regal emperor penguin.
  20. Do the penguin shuffle side to side.
  21. Jump up and down like a happy penguin.
  22. Do the penguin cha-cha by moving your feet in a dance pattern.
  23. Waddle backward like a backward-walking penguin.
  24. Pretend to be a penguin looking around for friends.
  25. Do the penguin twist.

Encourage children to get creative with their movements and have fun exploring the various ways penguins navigate their icy habitats!

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