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Penguin Books and Writing Prompts

Who doesn’t love penguins??  Teaching about penguins is so much fun for preschoolers!  Below we share several penguin books that are perfect for young children.

Plus, Penguin Writing Prompts are a great addition to a literacy center.  Journal writing in preschool can be a good way to help children develop communication skills.  They can practice phonetic spelling and creative thinking. These worksheets involve no prep on your part…just print out and children can draw and write out their answers, using phonetic spelling.  Download the Writing Prompts.

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Here are some Penguin writing prompts for preschoolers:

  • If I had a pet penguin, we would…
  • If I were a penguin…
  • Peter Penguin was happy because…
  • Inside the igloo, Penny Penguin likes to…
  • If I brought a penguin to school…
  • Things I know about penguins…
  • If I could play in the snow with penguins…
  • When the penguin went to the beach, he…

15 Penguin Books for Preschool:



Penguin Facts for Kids

(Source: https://www.itsybitsyfun.com/penguin-facts-for-kids.html)

  • Penguins are flightless birds.
  • They have feathers.
  • Their wings evolved into flappers.
  • Their black and white color serves as camouflage when in water. When predators look at them from bellow they see white and they blend with the water surface and when seen from above they blend with the deep blue.
  • They live in the Southern Hemisphere almost exclusively. The Galapagos penguin is the only one that lives north from the equator.
  • Emperor penguin is the tallest and Little Blue penguin is the smallest.
  • Diving penguins reach average speeds of 6 to 12 kmh / 3.7 to 7.5 mph and can swim even faster when startled.
  • Their sliding on their bellies on the snow is called “tobogganing”.
  • They can drink salt water.
  • Polar bears and penguins don’t live together (bears are on the North Pole).

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