National Children’s Dental Health Month Ideas for Preschoolers

Children's Dental Health Month

Here are some ideas for National Children’s Dental Health Month:

  • Try painting with toothbrushes instead of paintbrushes.

  • Give each child a tooth-shaped paper cut-out and have them do string painting using dental floss. 
  • Cut the bottoms off of large plastic soda bottles and turn them upside down (they look like teeth).  Staple several together, and place in a sensory table.  Spray them with shaving cream, and give children toothbrushes to brush them clean.

  • Take a field trip to a local dentist office.  Ask for donations to set up a dentist dramatic play area.

  • Make a Happy Tooth/Sad Tooth graph.  Give children grocery store ads, and have them cut out pictures of food.  Place foods that are good for your teeth on a Happy Tooth chart and foods that are bad for your teeth on a Sad Tooth chart.


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