Groundhog Day Activities

Groundhog Day Activities

Here are some ideas for Groundhog Day Activities with preschoolers.

  • The day before, create a graph about children’s guesses – Will the Groundhog see his shadow or not?


  • Get a Ground Cookie Cutter and make Groundhog Cookies…or use the cookie cutter to dip in paint and make Groundhog prints.


  • Add flashlights to the block area. Allow children to build towers, then create a shadow with the flashlight.


  • Make a Groundhog Day Dirt Pie – Make a box of instant chocolate pudding, according to directions, and place into small bowls.  Crush chocolate graham crackers squares (crush until it looks like fine crumbs or dirt) and sprinkle on top of the pudding in each bowl.   Glue a small picture of a groundhog on a Popsicle stick. Place in the center of the bowl of pudding.


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