National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day Activities for Children

Here are some ideas for National Puzzle Day on January 29:

  • Photo Puzzles. Take photographs of each child, cut into puzzle pieces and give pieces to another child.  Have them guess who they have then put together the puzzle.  Try one of these websites to make puzzles:
  • Go on a Puzzle Hunt!  Take puzzle pieces from a classroom puzzle and hide them throughout the room.  Let children find the pieces then work together to put the puzzle together.  If pieces are still missing, they will have to continue to hunt for them.
  • Put old puzzle pieces in the sensory table.
  • Make puzzle rubbings.  Place puzzle pieces under a sheet of paper. Using the side of a crayon, rub the puzzle shape.
  • Make a puzzle piece picture frame.  Put children’s pictures in their frame for a parent gift.

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