National Opposite Day

National Opposite Day Ideas for Children

Here are some ideas for National Opposite Day on January 25:

  • Have children wear summer clothes.  Or  ask children to wear clothes inside out and backward.
  • Eat dinner foods for breakfast.  Eat breakfast foods for lunch.
  • Play Simon Says, but have children perform opposite tasks of what is suggested (ie. Simon Says Shake your hands very fast = children shake hands very slow).
  • Fill one bucket with warm water and one with ice water. Have your children stick one hand in each bucket and experience the difference.
  • Sorting!  Ask children to find any toy in the room.  Sort the toys by large/small.  Think of other categories to sort.
  • Float and Sink.  Have children find one item in the room.  Conduct a float/sink experiment, by asking children to place their item in a tub of water.  Sort by whether the item floats or sinks.

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