Books about Germs

15 Books about Germs for Preschool

  Talking to children about how germs spread and the importance of handwashing can be a difficult subject.  We found several books about germs geared towards preschool children that can help you.   15 Books about Germs for Preschool:   Try one of these fun, interactive activities to teach children about germs and how to …

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side jobs early childhood

Side Jobs for Early Childhood Teachers

    Though rewarding, working as a early childhood educator doesn’t always pay a lot.   Many early childhood teachers find side jobs for extra money.  Here are some common side jobs for early childhood teachers.   Child-Related Side Jobs: Babysit or Nanny: Make some extra money babysitting family members or neighbors. They’ll appreciate your knowledge …

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Preschool Soup Theme

January is National Soup Month, so it is a great month to incorporate a preschool soup theme.   Here are some preschool soup activities to try:   Create a graph – What Soup Do You Like Best?  Write children’s names under the names of two soups.  Count how many children prefer each soup.  Talk about …

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