parent involvement

Parent Involvement in Child Care

  Parent involvement can be one of the most frustrating things about working in child care.  Parents are busy with their jobs and don’t always appear to be interested in communicating with you and/or participating in school activities.  Be empathetic with parents and try to understand their stress levels and living situations.  It is important …

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Books about Germs

15 Books about Germs for Preschool

  Talking to children about how germs spread and the importance of handwashing can be a difficult subject.  We found several books about germs geared towards preschool children that can help you.   15 Books about Germs for Preschool:   Try one of these fun, interactive activities to teach children about germs and how to …

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side jobs early childhood

Side Jobs for Early Childhood Teachers

    Though rewarding, working as a early childhood educator doesn’t always pay a lot.   Many early childhood teachers find side jobs for extra money.  Here are some common side jobs for early childhood teachers.   Child-Related Side Jobs: Babysit or Nanny: Make some extra money babysitting family members or neighbors. They’ll appreciate your knowledge …

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Preschool Soup Theme

January is National Soup Month, so it is a great month to incorporate a preschool soup theme.   Here are some preschool soup activities to try:   Create a graph – What Soup Do You Like Best?  Write children’s names under the names of two soups.  Count how many children prefer each soup.  Talk about …

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