Preschool Listening Activities

Preschool Listening Activities for Fall

Listening skills are critical for language development and reading. Children learn new vocabulary and expand their sentences and grammar—all thanks to listening. Poor listening skills might result in difficulty following directions and difficulty learning new words and constructing grammatically correct sentences.  Preschool listening activities involve paying attention to environmental sounds, music, conversations, and stories. We’ve …

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watermelon preschool books

12 Watermelon Books for Preschool

Watermelons can be a great topic of interest in the summer months.  Did you know that July is National Watermelon Month and August 3 is National Watermelon Day?  In addition to eating watermelon for snack, check out 12 watermelon preschool books to share with children:   There are also several Watermelon Coloring Books: Some Interesting …

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Benefits of Playgrounds to Children

Written by Debbie Woodliffe, an experienced writer currently based in the UK working for Affinity Agency. Her main goal is to help others learn and develop through well-researched and informative content.  All children love to blow off steam with a trip to the playground. But did you know there are lots of educational, social, physical …

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fine motor flag activities

Five Fine Motor Flag Activities

Fine motor skills is the coordination of small muscle movements – usually involving small, precise thumb, finger, hand, and wrist movements. Fine motor activity in the early year’s help children refine their pincer grasp (grasping an object with their thumb and pointer finger using their preferred hand) and are a precursor to handwriting. By practicing …

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Preschool Police Theme

Preschool Police Theme Activities

Introducing young children to police officers – with a preschool police theme – can be complicated but rewarding.  While many children will see police officers as friendly and helpful, other children may be scared or have negative ideas about the police.  Start by showing children pictures of police officers and police cars and asking children …

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Sand Table Tips

Sand Table Tips, Ideas and Benefits

The sand table is of the most popular areas of the classroom for young children, but it is important to remember that these areas are essential to the classroom for higher-level learning.  They help children develop their motor skills, enhance their social emotional growth, and can even build their confidence. Sand tables also provide children …

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Twosday Activities for 2/22/22

Practicing numbers can be fun anytime, but especially 2/22/22, as it falls on a Tuesday (TWOsday).  It’s a great day to incorporate the #2 in your day! Brainstorm things that come in twos (pairs)…such as socks, shoes, gloves, mittens, earrings, ice skates, etc.) Make and decorate number 2 sugar cookies.  Use a #2 cookie cutter. …

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time fillers

Winter Time Fillers

Sometimes you may have some extra time in the day, where you may need a time filler to keep the children occupied.   Time fillers can be a lifesaver to get children actively engaged between activities…especially if you are waiting for lunch time, nap time, or outside time. Here are some suggestions for winter themed time …

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December Bingo

December Bingo for Preschoolers

Did you know that December is Bingo’s Birthday Month?  According to National Day Calendar, Bingo’s Birthday Month is an annual designation observed in December.  The game began in Italy in 1530 as “LoGiuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” and is still played there today, almost every Saturday. The French adopted the game in the 1770s as “Le …

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