Teaching Math with Candy

Written by Janine Byler   Sweets have often been used as motivators for kids. They’re given to kids as rewards for doing something good or behaving positively. They’re great for instant gratification, and kids love them! It sounds appealing, sure, but they may not be a good practice in the long run. Using candies as …

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12 Science Books for Preschoolers

Science is all around us, and children naturally want to understand the world around them.   Providing books, especially in the science area, is a good way for children to gain basic science knowledge.  Here is a collection of general science books that are appropriate for preschoolers.   12 Science Books for Preschoolers:      …

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parent involvement

Parent Involvement in Child Care

  Parent involvement can be one of the most frustrating things about working in child care.  Parents are busy with their jobs and don’t always appear to be interested in communicating with you and/or participating in school activities.  Be empathetic with parents and try to understand their stress levels and living situations.  It is important …

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