16 Books to Teach Kids About Good Manners

September is Kids Good Manners Month!  It is never too early to start teaching manners to children.  Teaching manners at a young age can help children develop into respectful, empathetic individuals.  Manners don’t come naturally to children.  They must be taught to children, explained, and reinforced. “While it’s normal for preschoolers to still be self-centered, teaching manners

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National Tell a Joke Day

National Tell a Joke Day is August 16.  Here is a collection of preschool-approved jokes! What was the bull doing in the pasture with his eyes closed?    –Bull-dozin What did the sea say to the sand?    –Nothing, it just waved! Why did the cookie go to the doctor?    –He felt crummy. What

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Tantrum Observation

Have you tried taking our online class, Treating Toddler Tantrums? So what is a temper tantrum? A temper tantrum is an unplanned expression of anger or frustration, often with physical and verbal outbursts. During a temper tantrum, a child will typically cry, yell, stomp her feet, and flail her arms and legs. A tantrum usually

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Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

July is National Ice Cream Month!  Making homemade ice cream in a zipper bag is a popular activity for young children to participate in. The Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon sugar ½ cup milk (you can also use whipping cream or half and half) ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 6 Tablespoons salt (preferably kosher salt or rock salt)

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Father's Day Printable

Free Father’s Day Printable

This Father’s Day printable is designed to use as a Father’s Day gift for any special Father Figure in a child’s life (Stepfather, uncle, older brother, etc.) The word “Father” is purposely left off, as some children may not have a father in their life. Directions: Record Children’s answers. Cut the tie out and glue

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flag day crafts

Flag Day Crafts

Flag Day is June 14.  Here is a collection of simple Flag Day crafts we found for the children make. Craft Stick Puzzle Flag. Have the children paint 2 craft sticks WHITE, 2 craft sticks RED, 2 craft sticks BLUE/RED, and one craft stick BLUE/WHITE.  Allow the craft sticks to dry thoroughly.  When dry, scramble

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