The Calm Corner

calm corner

The Calm Corner, Calm Down Corner, Calming Corner, Quiet Corner – whatever you call it, this is a place for children to go when they need to calm down, relax, take a break, need a time-out or just want some quiet time.

Treat the Calm Corner as a positive place for children to go.  They are able to get in touch with their emotions and feelings, and use the items in the area to calm themselves down so that they can get back to playing and learning with others.  Be sure to teach children that emotions are feelings, and ALL feelings are ok to have.    Model and explain techniques for how to calm down, such as counting to ten and breathing deeply.

Make sure your quiet corner is out of the way of busy centers and traffic.

So, what do you include in this area?  Most important is a comfortable place for the child to sit and relax.

Try a…

Bean Bag Chair Floor Lounger or Comfy Chair or Couch


The activities in this area should allow children to relax and relieve any stress they may have. Definitely include books and coloring books, stuffed animals, and pillows. Also put in some stress relief toys, such as…

Stress Balls Stretchy Strings or Stretch Balls


Fidget toys…

Tangle Anti-Stress Rings or


Liquid Calming Toys…

Liquid Motion Bubbler

Glitter Wand or Calming Bottles


On the wall, put…

A Feelings Poster

A Mirror or a Visual of Ways to Calm Down

Get our Calm Down File Folder Activity to use in your Calm Corner

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