Move Like a Penguin

When it’s too cold to go outside, why not get children moving inside with lots of fun penguin moves!  Here is a list of ways for children to move like a penguin.  Some ways to incorporate these penguin moves are: –Play a game of “Simon Says” with penguin-themed commands. For example, “Simon says waddle like […]

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Penguin Books

Penguin Books and Writing Prompts

Who doesn’t love penguins??  Teaching about penguins is so much fun for preschoolers!  Below we share several penguin books that are perfect for young children. Plus, Penguin Writing Prompts are a great addition to a literacy center.  Journal writing in preschool can be a good way to help children develop communication skills.  They can practice

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time fillers

Winter Time Fillers

Sometimes you may have some extra time in the day, where you may need a time filler to keep the children occupied.   Time fillers can be a lifesaver to get children actively engaged between activities…especially if you are waiting for lunch time, nap time, or outside time. Here are some suggestions for winter themed time

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