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Gardening Prop Box

gardening prop box

Prop Boxes are groups of dramatic play materials that are based on a theme.  Bring out a Gardening Prop Box in the spring (especially during National Lawn and Garden Month – April).  It is easy to put together a Gardening Prop Box.


Just grab a tote/container, and collect the following items.  Put some potting soil in the your sensory table and let kids use the props to grow pretend or real flowers and vegetables.  Click Here for tote label that you can laminate and tape on the tote.  Prop boxes are meant to invoke the imagination of children.  Providing prop boxes with basic items for dramatic play can be very beneficial for children.


Gardening Tools
Watering Can Gardening Gloves
Flower Pots
Pretend Flowers
Plastic Vegetables
Flower Seeds
Vegetable Seeds
Plastic Worms


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Celebrate Spring in Child Care


Spring is just around the corner.  Here are some ways to celebrate the first day of spring in your child care program:

  • Make Homemade Bubbles and go outside to blow bubbles or play bubble catch (one child blows bubbles and other child tries to catch them with hands or a butterfly net).

  • Create a gardening Sensory Table or Bin: Add dirt, plastic gardening tools, pots, seeds, and gardening gloves.  Include some large dried beans…they will sprout over a weekend quickly.

  • Create a Flower Handprint Mural with all the children in your class/group:

Handprint garden - Great activity for the first day of Prep. Link broken but still a nice idea.

  • What is Missing?: During circle time, place several spring items on a tray and let the children look at the items for 30 seconds. Place a cloth over the items, then take one or more items away.  let the children guess which item(s) are missing.  Item Suggestions: Umbrella, garden shovel, plant, flower, rain coat, flower seeds, etc.

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