Celebrate Spring in Child Care


Spring is just around the corner.  Here are some ways to celebrate the first day of spring in your child care program:

  • Make Homemade Bubbles and go outside to blow bubbles or play bubble catch (one child blows bubbles and other child tries to catch them with hands or a butterfly net).

  • Create a gardening Sensory Table or Bin: Add dirt, plastic gardening tools, pots, seeds, and gardening gloves.  Include some large dried beans…they will sprout over a weekend quickly.

  • Create a Flower Handprint Mural with all the children in your class/group:

Handprint garden - Great activity for the first day of Prep. Link broken but still a nice idea.

  • What is Missing?: During circle time, place several spring items on a tray and let the children look at the items for 30 seconds. Place a cloth over the items, then take one or more items away.  let the children guess which item(s) are missing.  Item Suggestions: Umbrella, garden shovel, plant, flower, rain coat, flower seeds, etc.

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