National Nutrition Month

March – National Nutrition Month Preschool Ideas

Here are some ideas for National Nutrition Month:

  • Fruit Painting – Cut various fruits (apples, oranges, pears, etc.)  in half and dip them into paint to make fruit prints.

  • Paint with Vegetables – Provide celery stalks, broccoli florets, asparagus, carrot sticks, and more.  Let children use the vegetables in place of paint brushes.
Photo Credit: littlehiccups.net
  • Food Sorting – Create a large version of MyPlate using Poster Board.  Give children either pictures of food, or actual food items (real or plastic).  Ask them to place the food on the section of the plate that it belongs.
Photo Credit: totschooling.net
  • Class Vegetable Soup – Have each child bring in a vegetable and work together to prepare a class soup.  Allow children to cut up the vegetables (with plastic knives) to help develop fine motor skills.
Photo Credit: cvpreschool.com
  • Paper Plate Food Collage – Give each child a paper plate, and provide grocery ads to the children.  Ask them to look through the ads and find pictures of healthy foods to glue to their plates.

  • Food Graphing – Create a graph on butcher paper or poster board.  Make 3 columns – Dairy, Fruits/Vegetables, and Grains.  Give children pictures of foods and ask them to put them in the correct column.
Photo Credit: thehomeschoolden.blogspot.com

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