preschool picnic painting

Preschool Picnic Painting

Summer time means picnics.  In addition to having a preschool picnic, let’s take a look at some creative ways to use picnic items to paint.  Regular paintbrushes are boring!

By painting with familiar picnic elements like ants, watermelon, hamburgers, hotdogs, and grilling utensils, we can spark children’s imaginations while enhancing their fine motor skills.  These ideas are not only fun but also encourage children to use their imaginations and express themselves in unique and exciting ways.

Let’s dive into these preschool picnic-themed painting ideas that will have your little artists buzzing with excitement!

Watermelon Rind Brush: The outer green skin of a watermelon can be used as a brush to create interesting patterns and textures on paper.

Credit: teachpreschool.org

Watermelon Wedge Prints: Cut a watermelon wedge and use it as a stamp to create triangular watermelon prints.

Grass Blades Brushes: Gather some long, flexible grass blades and tie them together to make a natural brush.

Fork Texture Painting: Dip the prongs of plastic forks in paint to create textured lines or patterns.

Credit: thekeeperofthememories.com

Cup Printing: Turn a paper or plastic cup over and dip the rim in paint to create circular stamps.

Grill Brush Texture: Use the bristles of a clean grill brush to create unique textures and patterns in the paint.

Hamburger Bun Stamp: Dip the flat side of a hamburger bun top into paint and use it as a stamper to create circular shapes.

Bun Texture Collage: Use cut pieces of actual hamburger and hot dog buns to create a textured collage.  Use clothespins as the handles.

Condiment Squeeze Painting: Fill condiment squeeze bottles with paint and let children create art by squeezing the paint onto paper.

Credit: teachpreschool.org

Ant Hill Sponge Painting: Cut a sponge into the shape of an ant hill and use it to create textured prints.  Dip plastic ants in paint and create ant prints over the ant hills.

Hot Dog Prints: Cut hot dogs in half and and dip the flat circular end in paint to make circle stamps.  Or use the whole hot dog AS a paint brush.

Hot Dog Roller Painting: Stick a skewer through the length of a hot dog.  Roll it in paint, then use it like a rolling pin on paper.


In this blog post, we emphasized the importance of fine motor skills in painting and how open-ended creativity allows children to explore their artistic abilities without limitations. The provided painting ideas are not only fun but also encourage children to engage their imaginations and express themselves in unique and exciting ways, all while incorporating familiar picnic elements to spark their interest. As preschool teachers, fostering creativity and developing fine motor skills through enjoyable activities like these can create a positive and enriching learning experience for our little artists.

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