Sun-Sational Sunglasses Activities for Kids

Summer is here, so let’s dive into some sun-sational sunglasses activities for kids.   These engaging and educational activities centered around sunglasses will help develop fine motor skills, color recognition, math skills and social skills, all while protecting their eyes and fostering a love for the great outdoors.

Sunglasses Sorting

Provide a variety of sunglasses and have children sort them by size, color, or design, developing their categorization skills.

Sunglasses Comparison

A great circle time activity! Create a Venn Diagram or comparison chart using two different pairs of sunglasses.  Ask children to name what is the same about both pairs and different about both pairs. Example:

Decorate Sunglasses

Buy kids sunglasses in bulk.  Have students decorate sunglasses using Sharpies, mini-stickers, and other craft materials (such as beads or buttons – which may be best to adhere with hot glue (adults only):


Sunglasses Freeze Dance

Play music and have children dance while wearing sunglasses, freezing in place when the music stops, promoting gross motor skills and coordination.  In fact, a great song to play is Sunglasses At Night!

Sunglasses Relay Race

Children must race to put on sunglasses, complete a gross motor task (such as 5 jumping jacks), and remove the sunglasses before passing them to the next child in line.

Sunglasses Show and Tell

Encourage children to bring their favorite sunglasses and share stories about where they got them and where they wear them.

Sun Safey

It is helpful to explain the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun.  Keep it simple like saying: the sun is bright and has invisible rays that can hurt our eyes.  A simple activity to show this is to have children take turns being the sun and shining a flashlight on each other’s faces. Explain that just like the flashlight’s light can be too bright and hurt our eyes, the sun’s rays can do the same if we don’t protect our eyes properly.  This is also an opportunity to bring in an optometrist as a guest speaker to explain the importance of protecting eyes from the sun.  

Sunglass Shadow Drawing
sunglasses activities

On a sunny day, take some paper outside and place various objects/toys on the paper to create a shadow.  Have children wear sunglasses and trace the shadow that is made.   The best time of day to make shadow art? Any time there are shadows present! In fact, letting kids see the difference in shadows made in the morning, noon and afternoon can be a fun science experiment/discussion.  TIP: To avoid interfering with the shadow, it’s best to have children draw on opposite side of paper (as shown below):





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