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Flower-Powered Movement Activities for Preschoolers

Flowers are more than just pretty little things! They can make for some incredibly fun gross motor games and activities that preschoolers will love.   If you’re looking for ways to keep preschoolers entertained and active, why not try incorporating flowers (especially during springtime!).  We’re sharing some fun ways to get young children moving and shaking with flower-based gross motor games and activities.

Flower Hopscotch

Create a hopscotch board with flowers in each spot.  Draw it yourself or use decals that this one on Amazon.








Flower Yoga

Do a fun yoga flower sequencing like this one from Tools to Grow – How to Grow a Flower.








Flower Relay Race

Divide children into teams and have them pass a flower from person to person as they race to the finish line.

Flower Toss

Have children toss artificial flowers into a basket or bucket from a distance.

Flower Balance

Give children an artificial flower and have them try to balance it on their head while they walk.

Flower scavenger hunt

Have children search for flowers hidden around the play area or outdoors.

Flower Limbo

Get a flower garland and have children limbo under it.

Flower Jump

Lay a flower garland on the floor and let children jump over it.

Flower Dance Party

Play music and dance like flowers blowing in the breeze.

Flower Color Hop

Get some sidewalk chalk and draw different colored flowers outside.  Call out a color and have children hop to the flower of that color.  (Source: Learn~Play~Imagine)

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