Sensory Play Ideas for Babies

10 Engaging Sensory Play Ideas for Babies

Sensory play is extremely important for infants because it allows them to explore their environment through their five senses. Providing opportunities for babies to touch, taste, smell, see and hear different textures, objects, and materials stimulates their brains and helps to develop their cognitive and physical abilities. Sensory play also helps develops fine and gross motor […]

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Preschool Listening Activities

Preschool Listening Activities for Fall

Listening skills are critical for language development and reading. Children learn new vocabulary and expand their sentences and grammar—all thanks to listening. Poor listening skills might result in difficulty following directions and difficulty learning new words and constructing grammatically correct sentences.  Preschool listening activities involve paying attention to environmental sounds, music, conversations, and stories. We’ve

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time fillers

Winter Time Fillers

Sometimes you may have some extra time in the day, where you may need a time filler to keep the children occupied.   Time fillers can be a lifesaver to get children actively engaged between activities…especially if you are waiting for lunch time, nap time, or outside time. Here are some suggestions for winter themed time

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preschool soup theme

Preschool Soup Theme

January is National Soup Month, so it is a great month to incorporate a preschool soup theme. Here are some preschool soup activities to try: Create a graph – What Soup Do You Like Best?  Write children’s names under the names of two soups.  Count how many children prefer each soup.  Talk about which soup

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Groundhog Day Activities

Groundhog Day Activities

Here are some ideas for Groundhog Day Activities with preschoolers. Visit the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club Preschool Resources website Amazon Picks and Resources: Groundhogs!: A My Incredible World Picture Book for Children (My Incredible World: Nature and Animal Picture Books for Children) The Helpful Groundhog Day Children’s Book: A Journey of Kindness and Community – Uncovering

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