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Sharing Activities for Young Children

Young children can have a hard time sharing… and depending on their age, they really aren’t capable of thinking much beyond themselves to understand sharing.  Often we tend to think that they already know what it means to share or take turns.  These sharing activities can be used to enhance the importance of sharing with others.   In addition, guide children to come up with solutions when sharing (or lack thereof) becomes an issue.  As with all interactions with children, be sure to praise the praise the positive, provide words and phrases to use, role play, and lead by example.

Paint or Draw a Picture Together – Set up a large white piece of paper and either painting supplies or crayons/markers.  Pair up children and have them decide what to draw or paint.  Have them take turns passing the supplies back and forth until their picture is complete.

Show and Tell Sharing – Allow children to bring a toy or item in for Show and Tell. After they finish describing their objects, ask them to pass the object around to the rest of the children. The object should travel in a circle.  When all of the objects are returned to the original owner, point out that they each shared their objects with their classmates. Ask the children to say how they felt when they shared their objects with others, as well as how the Show and Tell would have been different if they had not been able to see and hold the objects that their classmates brought in.

Pass the Ball – Have the kids sit in a circle. Pass around a ball and play some music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the ball says one thing he/she can share with someone else.

The Sharing Song – teach children The Sharing Song by Jack Johnson.  Click Here for lyrics.

The Doorbell Rang – Sharing and Math Activity – The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins is a classic children’s book loved by teachers, parents, and children alike. The patterned text of the story reveals an engaging tale that presents a real-life math challenge. Every preschooler can relate to the struggle of sharing but The Doorbell Rang presents several mathematical concepts as well.  Visit https://www.pre-kpages.com/preschool-math-exploration-the-doorbell-rang/ for details and direction.

Pass the Ice Cream: Sharing Activity for Preschoolers – A fun sharing activity for preschoolers inspired by Mo Willems’ Should I Share My Ice Cream?  Each child takes a turn sharing their ice cream with their friend – by passing it from one cone to another.  Visit https://www.sunnydayfamily.com/2016/09/sharing-activity-for-preschoolers.html for more information and direction.

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