Books about Germs

15 Books about Germs for Preschool


Talking to children about how germs spread and the importance of handwashing can be a difficult subject.  We found several books about germs geared towards preschool children that can help you.


15 Books about Germs for Preschool:


Try one of these fun, interactive activities to teach children about germs and how to stop them from spreading.  (Source: Care.com)

1. Glitter GermsIn this activity from the Columbus Public Health website, sprinkle a little glitter on your child’s hands. Then have them wash with just water. Repeat the experiment, washing with soap and water the second time. Have your child observe which method removes more glitter. You can also put glitter on your hand and touch your child’s shoulder, hands and hair. Show them how the glitter (like germs) can spread by touch.


2. Everything You TouchThis activity, also from Columbus Public Health, has children make and color their own germs and then tape them to anything they touch to see how widely germs spread by touch.


3. Connect the DotsCheck out these lesson plans and activities at the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


4.  Happy Handwashing SongTeach your kids this simple song from the CDC. Sing it twice through to reach the recommended time for handwashing.


5. Scrub ClubGo online and check out the songs and activities from NSF International.


6. Germs! VideoLet kids learn about germs along with Sid the Science Kid and his parents in this short, animated video.


7. “Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands” SongWash hands along with Little John in this sing-a-long video from Little Angel.

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