Pretzel Activities

Preschool Pretzel Activities

Not only are pretzels a fun, healthy snack for kids, but they can be used for learning fun on National Pretzel Day (April 26) or any time of the year.  Here are simple and engaging pretzel activities that will spark creativity, encourage fine motor skills, and make learning enjoyable for children.


Pretzel Stringing: Provide children with pretzels and yarn/string and have them string the pretzels.  The children can make necklaces or just practice fine motor skills.  Add in some colorful cereal to make patterns.


Credit: BuggyandBuddy.com

Pretzel Letters:  Use pretzel sticks to create letters.  Add in regular shaped pretzels to break off curves add in.  See more at BuggyandBuddy.com


Pretzel Building: Use pretzel sticks and marshmallows to build simple structures or shapes.  Children can create structures individually or work as a group to build bigger structures.

Pretzel Patterning: Provide different shapes of pretzels and have children create patterns with the pretzels.  Use our FREE PRINTABLE  pretzel pattern sheet.  Of course, different pretzel shapes can be used for sorting and counting too.

Pretzel Stacking: See how many pretzels children can stack before the stack falls over.

Pretzel Dip Tasting and Graphing:  Create a printable tasting chart with different dips (e.g., mustard, cheese, chocolate).  Have each child taste the pretzels with each dip and mark their favorite on the chart.  After everyone has tasted and voted, graph the results together, discussing concepts like most/least popular, more/less, and comparing quantities.

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