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Conversation Hearts can be used for many things that encourage learning in an early childhood environment!

Conversation Heart activities

Try these Conversation Heart activities for added learning during February:

  • Give each child a box of conversation hearts and have them sort them by color.
  • After sorting, have the children create a pattern using what colors they prefer.
  • Use a grid to graph the colors of hearts.
  • Hold up a jar of conversation hearts.  Ask each child to estimate how many heart are in the jar.  Write down their estimates.  Count the actual amount and see who is closest.
  • Play bingo using the hearts as markers.
  • Place hearts in a variety of liquids (water, vinegar, milk, etc.).  Ask children to predict which liquid will cause the hearts to dissolve first.  Add baking soda and see what happens.
  • Make your conversation hearts dance with this cool experiment.
  • Give children one minute to see how many hearts they can stack on top of each other to make a tower.
  • Have a heart relay race.  One person from each team goes across the room to a bowl of hearts, scoops one heart out with a spoon, carries the spoon with the heart back to other side the room and drops it in a bowl.  Teammates take turns until all hearts are transferred to bowl at starting line.
  • Let children glue conversation hearts onto a frame, and put their picture in the frame for their families.

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