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Fabulous Frog Fun with Preschoolers

Frogs are fascinating creatures, and there’s no better way to teach preschoolers about them than through hands-on frog-themed activities. Here are five fun and educational frog-themed activities that are perfect for early childhood classrooms:

Frog Life Cycle

Teach children about the different stages of a frog’s life cycle by creating or showing a poster or video of the 4 basic stages of a frog’s life cycle (Stage 1: Egg / Stage 2: Tadpole / Stage 3: Froglet (young frog) / Stage 4: Adult frog).  You can also use toys or figurines to help illustrate the life cycle.  Here is a simple video that explains the life cycle for children:

Leap Frog

frog-themed activitiesCreate a simple obstacle course and have children jump over objects like logs, hoops or cushions. Encourage them to hop and leap like a frog, using their legs to push off and land. This is great for developing gross motor skills and coordination.

Frog Sensory Bin

Fill a sensory bin with green rice or beans, plastic frogs, and lily pads. Have the children use spoons, cups and containers to scoop and pour, and encourage them to find the hidden frogs. Add some water and/or filler aquarium stones for an extra sensory experience.



Frog Art

Provide the children with green paint and paper and have them make thumbprint frogs. Add eyes, legs and a mouth with a black marker or paintbrush.  For added creativity, allow children to create water or a scene around their frogs.

Froggy Snacks

Make some frog-themed snacks with the children, such these simple Frog Apples from AllRecipes.com:

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Or, make Jello cups with gummy or chocolate frogs, like this Frog in a Pond from CookiesorBiscuits.com:

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These frog-themed activities are sure to engage and educate preschoolers. Have fun hopping into frog learning!

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