December Bingo

December Bingo for Preschoolers

Did you know that December is Bingo’s Birthday Month?  According to National Day Calendar, Bingo’s Birthday Month is an annual designation observed in December.  The game began in Italy in 1530 as “LoGiuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” and is still played there today, almost every Saturday. The French adopted the game in the 1770s as “Le Lotto.” Germany put an academic spin on the pastime a century later turning it into an educational game for children, tying in lessons on various subjects.

Bingo games have a long history of being an ideal way to teach children. Believe it or not, it was used by 19th Century German educators as a way to teach students about numbers, math, spelling, colors, plant or animal recognition, history and even science – all the while they’re having fun.  games are one of the first group participation games that kids learn to play in school. Through playing this game with others, kids are able to keep their young minds sharp and inquisitive. As they progress through school and topics increase in complexity, bingo can be customized to suit the subject.  (Source: Four Ways Bingo Can Boost Your Child’s Brain Power)

We have come up with a variety of sources for you to play December Bingo games with young children.  There are also a lot of fun items that you can use for Bingo markers:

Christmas Mini Erasers
Red and Green Candies
Hershey’s Kisses
Holiday Buttons
Jingle Bells

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