book Character Hand Puppets

12 Book Character Hand Puppets

Young children love story time, and while puppets can serve many purposes…using them is a fun way to make books come to life for preschoolers.  Here are twelve Book Character Hand Puppets that you can use to enhance storytelling (click on image to view on Amazon):

Pete the Cat
Owl Babies
Emmy The Elephant
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
Corduroy Bear
Three Little Pigs
Cat in the Hat
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Brown Bear Brown Bear
Curious George
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Excerpt from Storytelling With Hand Puppets and Books

Oral language is the basis for literacy. Language-oriented activities using storytelling, puppets and books enrich communication and literacy skills.  Using puppets with books helps students in many ways:

  • For the child who finds it difficult to concentrate, the puppet will give that child a focus.
  • For the child who is learning English as a second language the puppet is seen as a non threatening “teacher”.
  • For the child who needs to “see and hear” the story, the puppet provides a visual.
  • For the child who is reluctant to participate, the puppet posing a question will often elicit a response.

Use the storytelling, hand puppets and books to promote drama, oral communication and language development in a non threatening and most enjoyable fashion.

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