Celery Preschool Activities

Celery Preschool Activities

March is not just the beginning of spring; it’s also National Celery Month, providing a perfect opportunity to incorporate some celery preschool activities into your child care program.  From sensory play to open-ended art to snack time fun, celery can be a versatile learning tool for young children.

Of course, there’s the typical Celery in Colored Water experiment that explores how plants absorb water.

Celery Preschool Activities - experiment

Or have children predict whether celery will sink or float.

Celery Preschool Activities - sink or float

Then there are ways to use celery dipped in paint as stamps (click images to see more details):

High Chair Chronicles
Crafty Morning
Teaching Mama

Or have children just use celery AS a paintbrush!

You can also provide pieces of celery (sticks or slices) along with other foods (cheese cubes, carrot sticks, etc.) and have children create celery patterns.

Celery sticks can also be used to create letters and shapes!

And don’t forget to make some fun snacks with celery (click images to see more details):

Healthy Little Foodies
Super Healthy Kids
My Kids Lick the Bowl
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