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Apple Science for Kids

Get ready to have ‘apple-solutely’ awesome fun with apples.  We’ve found several popular apple science experiements that are engaging and educational for young children.  Always supervise and ensure safety during these experiments, especially when using objects like knives or when handling liquids. Encourage the children to ask questions and make predictions, fostering curiosity and critical thinking. These experiments can help preschoolers learn about basic scientific principles while having fun with apples.

Apple Volcano: Create a mini volcano by carving a small hole in the top of an apple. Add a spoonful of baking soda into the hole, then pour vinegar over it. The reaction will cause a mini “volcanic” eruption.  Add some food coloring for extra fun. ↓More Info↓

Apple Fizz Experiment: Fill a clear container with soda (clear soda works best), and then drop small apple pieces into it. Observe the fizzing and discuss why it happens.

Apple and Salt Experiment: Slice an apple into two halves. Sprinkle salt on one half and leave the other half untreated. Observe and discuss how salt affects the apple’s moisture.

Apple Oxidation Experiment: Cut an apple into slices and leave some exposed to air while covering others with lemon juice. Observe and discuss how the slices change in color due to oxidation.  ↓More Info↓

Apple Decay Observation: Place an apple in a jar and seal it tightly. Over several weeks, observe how the apple changes as it decays. Discuss decomposition and what causes it.

Apple Float or Sink: Fill a tub with water and gather apples of different sizes. Ask the children to predict whether each apple will float or sink before placing them in the water. Discuss the results and why apples float. ↓More Info↓

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