Twosday Activities for 2/22/22

Practicing numbers can be fun anytime, but especially 2/22/22, as it falls on a Tuesday (TWOsday).  It’s a great day to incorporate the #2 in your day!

  • Brainstorm things that come in twos (pairs)…such as socks, shoes, gloves, mittens, earrings, ice skates, etc.)
  • Make and decorate number 2 sugar cookies.  Use a #2 cookie cutter.
  • Go on a 2 Scavenger Hunt.  Have children find things in the room that have a #2 on it.  OR hide index cards with #2 stickers around the room and see how many the children can find…maybe have each child find 2 cards to make it fair.
  • Have a taco bar for lunch.  It’s Taco Twosday!  Set up toppings and let children pick what they want on their tacos.
  • For afternoon snack, have Tea for Two.  Break children into pairs and have a tea party.
  • Get children moving with How many times can you ______ in 22 seconds? Suggest movements to do and time thechildren for 22 seconds – how many times can you hop/touch your toes/jumping jack/etc. in 22 seconds?
  • Provide writing prompts: If I had $22, I would buy… or When I’m 22 years old, I will… (free printable).  Children can draw and write their answers using phonetic spelling.
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  • 2’s Scavenger Hunt: Give each child a basket or bag, and have to find two of each item around the classroom.  Two crayons, two blocks, etc… (free printable list).
  • Find Your Pair: Make cards (free printable) with pairs of things. One item on each card. Examples: Salt & Pepper, Peanut Butter & Jelly, etc. Mix up the cards and give a card to each child. Set a timer and see if the children can find their matching pair card! Make it even more fun by having them find their pair without talking!
  • Act out this I Have 2 Action Rhyme:
    I have 2 eyes to see with.
    I have 2 feet to stamp.
    I have 2 ears to hear with.
    I have 2 hands to clap.
    I have 2 legs to jump and jiggle.
    I have 2 thumbs that I can wiggle.
    I have 2 elbows see them bend.
    I have 2 arms to hug a friend.

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