fine motor flag activities

Five Fine Motor Flag Activities

Fine motor skills is the coordination of small muscle movements – usually involving small, precise thumb, finger, hand, and wrist movements. Fine motor activity in the early year’s help children refine their pincer grasp (grasping an object with their thumb and pointer finger using their preferred hand) and are a precursor to handwriting. By practicing picking up, manipulating, and exercising the small muscles in the palm of the hand, you are actually enabling children to gain control and strength while coloring, drawing, cutting, and forming letters or writing when age appropriate. (source: http://www.earlyeducationmatters.org).  Here are five fine motor flag activities for children:

Pom Pom Flag

Provide red, white and blue pom pom balls and tweezers.  Using our free printable, have children use the tweezers to pick up pom pom balls and place into the flag…matching the colors.


Straw Flag Sticky Tray

(From Modern Preschool)

The Straw Flag Sticky Tray includes the colors red, white, and blue and is a great way to introduce kids to the American Flag or the 4th of July.  It involves picking up pieces of straws and placing them on sticky contact paper to create a flag.  Get full details at Modern Preschool.


Playdough Flag

(From Teaching Mama)

Make red, white and blue playdoughs.  Children out the red and white playdough into ‘snakes’ and flatten them onto the stripes on a flag, and mold the blue playdough into a star.  Get the full details at Teaching Mama.


Dot Marker Flag

(From My Mundane & Miraculous Life)

Children use a blue dot marker in the top left square, and they use the red dot marker to mark along the lines, going left to right.  Get the full details at My Mundane & Miraculous Life.


Paper-Roll American Flag

(From Little Family Fun)

Work with children to roll strips of red, white & blue construction paper.  Once all of the paper-rolls are ready, put glue on the flag, one section at a time and place the rolls on the glue.  Get the full details at Little Family Fun.

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