child care provider resolutions

Child Care Provider Resolutions

Happy New Year! We often make personal resolutions, but have you thought about resolutions for yourself as a child care provider?

Try these child care provider resolutions:

Greet EVERY child and parent with a smile each day.
smile Child Care Provider Resolutions
Say something positive to every child each day.
Encourage learning through play by asking leading questions when children are playing.

Get on the floor with children during play.

Let children use their imagination and creativity throughout the day.
Listen to parents’ concerns and offer appropriate solutions.

Get children up and moving several times a day for physical activity.
Work cooperatively with coworkers to achieve your program’s best practices.
Child Care Provider Resolutions
Be prepared for all activities by planning ahead and gathering all materials.
Child Care Provider Resolutions
Get a good nights’ sleep to make sure you give each child care day your best effort.

Also, here is a link for Kids Year in Review printable that we like – click here!

3 reasons why setting New Year’s resolutions is important

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  1. Resolutions can provide a fresh start – New Year, new YOU! Creating a New Year’s resolution is a great way to kick off the new year, almost like hitting the “reset” button. You get to set new goals, or revisit old ones, and determine how you want to tackle them. Want to meditate more? Get back into journaling? Spend more time with friends and family? Whatever it is, New Year’s resolutions allow for you to reflect and refocus.
  2. Resolutions can provide clarity for goals – Writing out a list of goals provides you with direction. They allow you to plan your course for the future. Without goals, you end up wasting your time, money and energy, which leads to feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for opportunities that may arise.
  3.  Resolutions can make us feel good – Ever accomplish something that seemed impossible at first? That is what it feels like when you make a commitment to yourself and keep it. Resolutions are the same way. Vowing to make improvements to your life and hitting those milestones is such a great feeling and encourages you to keep going. No matter what it is, nothing feels better than proving to yourself you can do anything you put your mind to.
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