10 Child Care Customer Service Rules

When working at or owning a child care program, it is important to remember good customer service.  Not only do you want to retain your current families (customers), but you want to make a good impression on potential families.


Here are some basic customer service skills to keep in mind when interacting with parents:

  1. Answer the phone with a smile on your face.  The caller won’t see your smile, but they will hear it in your tone of voice.
  2. Greet parents every day and welcome them back to your center.
  3. Listen (REALLY listen) to what parents tell you.
  4. If there is a problem, offer a valid solution.
  5. Say something positive about their child every day.
  6. Show respect and empathy to everyone.
  7. Get to know every family.  Ask questions or follow up on things they have told you.
  8. Practice positive body language (Make eye contact, stand up straight, avoid crossing arms, etc.)
  9. Be polite and courteous to parents.
  10. Make sure everyone working at your program follows these skills.

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