Child Care Directories That You Need to Be Listed On

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When a parent needs child care, they will most likely do an internet search for child care near them.  It is so important to list your child care program and website on the many child care directories out there.  The more directories you are included in, the more likely parents will find you.  In addition to your state licensing website (who should have you listed), here is a list of many child care directory websites that you can add your program to:

Using daycare marketing tips will ensure that your home based daycare stays full to capacity. According to Merriam Webster, advertising is defined as, “the action of calling something to the attention of the public”.


It’s an opportunity to toot your own horn. You are a professional child care provider and you want potential parents and children in your area to know that you exist.


So, how do you get the word out?


There are two absolutely free ways to advertise child care. Once you are established, these two forms of daycare marketing will likely be responsible for most of the business you receive.



Child Care Resource and Referral. This is an excellent resource and accounted for nearly half my enrollees over a period of a dozen years. This is a service that matches parents looking for providers with available daycare homes in their area. This is a great form of daycare advertising that works year round. Here, in Minnesota, I didn’t need to do anything other than get my license to be added to the list. Once you have your license, feel free to contact them to make sure you have been added.


*This is also an excellent resource for lists of classes or workshops available to enhance the quality of the care you provide. They also provide grant information to licensed providers.


Word-of-Mouth Advertising. Tell everyone you know about your new venture. Daycare advertising is easy when you notify neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. Do not limit yourself to only those that have children. Everyone has the potential to know someone in need of child care. The people who know you best will be able to refer people looking for child care directly to you.


There is no better form of daycare marketing than to have satisfied parents tell others about you. Run your child care home like a professional, keeping both children and parents happy, and over time there may be no need to publicize. Parents who referred other parents accounted for half of the children in my care.


When you are first starting out however, your daycare marketing campaign will have to be creative.


(Taken from Online Article Day Care Marketing)


Child Care Provider Resolutions

Child Care Provider Resolutions

Child Care Provider Resolutions

Happy New Year! We often make personal resolutions, but have you thought about resolutions for yourself as a child care provider?

Try these resolutions this year:

  1. Greet EVERY child and parent with a smile each day.
    smile Child Care Provider Resolutions
  2. Say something positive to every child each day.
  3. Encourage learning through play by asking leading questions when children are playing.
  4. Get on the floor with children during play.
    Child Care Provider Resolutions
  5. Let children use their imagination and creativity throughout the day.
  6. Listen to parents’ concerns and offer appropriate solutions.
    Child Care Provider Resolutions
  7. Get children up and moving several times a day for physical activity.
    Child Care Provider Resolutions
  8. Work cooperatively with coworkers to achieve your program’s best practices.
    Child Care Provider Resolutions
  9. Be prepared for all activities by planning ahead and gathering all materials.
    Child Care Provider Resolutions
  10. Get a good nights’ sleep to make sure you give each child care day your best effort.
    Child Care Provider Resolutions

What other Child Care Provider Resolutions can be added to this list?

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